Call Center Services


“…I couldn’t believe a company representative actually answered my call. They were prompt, efficient and I had all of my questions answered on the spot. Our other producers make me push 7 buttons just to leave a message…”


What kind of response is your landman going to receive when he tries to negotiate a lease with one of your owners?

PDS’ Call Center Support Services provides our clients with a fleet of experienced accounting and land professionals to handle any level of service you might need. From simply insuring every call is answered live by a knowledgeable agent and documented in detail for follow up by existing staff to providing comprehensive research and follow through, PDS can bring substantial efficiencies to your owner hotline process. We answer thousands of calls per month for companies such as Chesapeake, EnCana, Newfield, Carrizo and others.

Call today to schedule a one day, live demonstration in our call center or in the comfort of your company conference room. What do you have to lose? A lease, worse yet, a baseless lawsuit from an owner simply frustrated by the lack of communication…..

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